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Specializing in high-grade pre-owned motorcycles with the highest level of reconditioning and service. Family owned and operated by experienced motorcycle enthusiasts. Below is a picture of our owner, Paul and his daughter Clara on a Johnny Pag Spyder.

Boo Ha Ha parade image

Paul Rogers at Boo Ha Ha Parade.

Toy Run 2006 image

Owner, Paul Rogers riding a 2005 Custom C&S Chopper.

image of BMW crew

Our riding buddies (Whiskey Tango's) at Toy Run '06.

Whiskey Tango's image

Some of us from BMC at Whiskey Tango's.

ski ride image

A true and funny little story from the Toy Run 2010. Our friend(we'll call him Scott) moved back from a 10 yr stay up North East. We forgot to tell him that stuffed toys were not really what they were looking for anymore so he showed up with 77 Beanie Babies zip tied to his bike. He was quite proud of his mount and that he would finally get to do a toy run and be up front in the VIP area! With great excitement, he took off just behind us in a lead group with about ten thousand riders behind him. Suddenly one of these well placed Beanie Babies too close to the exhaust lets go of a gazillion little round stuffing balls and dumps them in front of his tires causing him to guess what...YUP down he goes with a crash to bike and ego before he gets a block out of the fairgrounds! Apparently, he begins to try and start his bike but it was now flooded and after repeated attempts, the battery is getting low.(he truly had so wanted to impress us with his group riding skills as he had told us earlier!) After a few thousand bikers role by he decides a call or text might be in order but as everyone was riding, he was having little luck. Soon the parking lot is empty and with the realization that he was about to freeze to death he began to seek shelter. After he realized these options were limited he sought refuge in a thing that we will call a "sky ride" This looked like a good place to get of the wind and send some more texts to friends in hope of a future rescue. According to texts, this was beginning to work but he had been feeling a bit, shall we say "gassy" from the Mexican breakfast we had enjoyed earlier! Even though he states he was warming up a bit he was "dutch oven-ed" and decided to step out when he realized these were one-way doors on the "sky ride"!!! At this point with no calls, he begins yelling out for anyone who might be out for a walk on a below freezing day. Yes, our friend "Scott" eventually contacted someone who actually believed his story and decided to drive to the fairgrounds and free him from his "Dutch Oven Prison" and with the help of a trailer and another friend he eventually made it home. I am sure there many lessons to be learned from this but right now all we can do is laugh. "Scott we love you man and thanks for the memories and the hilarious texts that we started reading about the time you were being rescued. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good ride!